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Fractional HP Motors & Gear Motors

Authorized Distributor and Stockist of
Hindustan Electric Motors
Authorized Distributor & Stockist of
SIEMENS Motors and Geard Motors

• Standard Motors High Efficiency
• Energy Efficient Motors ( EFF1 )
• Cooling Tower Motors
• Flameproof Motors
• Brake Motors
• Crane Duty Motors
• Special Motors
• M3BA Series Motors
• Textile Motors
• Variable Drive Motors
• Two Speed Motors
• Torque Motors
• Geared Motors

• SIEMENS Motors
• SIEMENS Geared Motors
• 3 Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
• Squirrel Cage Motors
• 2 and 4 Pole Motors
• Foot Mounted Motors
• Flange Motors
• Standard Type Motors

Authorized Distributor and Stockist of
Bonfiglioli Tecnoingranaggi
Authorized Distributor and Stockist of ABB Motors

• Planetary Gear Units
• Line Helical Geared Motors - AS series
• Electric Motors
• Worm Gear Motors VF - W series
• AS-Series Bevel Helical Gear Motors
• VFR - WR Heliworm Gear Motors
• 300 Series Planetary Gear Motors
• BN Series Motors
• Parallel Helical Gear Motors - F Series

• Energy Efficient Motors ( EFF1 )
• Flame Proof Motors type "EX-d"
• Standard SPDP Moto.rs, IS:325-1996
• Standard TEFC Motor, IS:325-1996
• Crane Duty Motors
• Non Sparking Motors type "EX-n"
• Increased Safety Motors type "EX-e"
• Variable Frequency Drive Motors

Authorized Distributor and Stockist of Fractional HP Motors and Gear Motors
• Standard AC Motors
• Induction Motors
• Reversible Motors
• Electromagnetic Brake Motors
• Low - Speed Synchronous Motors
• Torque Motors
• Watertight and Dust - Resistant Motors
• Speed Control Motors
• AC Speed Control Motors
• Brushless Motors
• Constant Speed Motors
• Servo Gear Boxes
Standard AC Motors
Cooling Tower Motors
"HINDUSTAN" Cooling tower motors are specially designed, flange mounted motors in totally enclosed construction to suit air conditioning & refrigeration industries. They are provided with special long shaft construction with external threaded end to directly mount the fan blades. This also helps in the better cooling of the motor. Motors are compact in design & less in weight to facilitate easy maintenance. They are available as standard catalogue designs or as custom built.

Cooling Tower Motors
Standard Motors High Efficiency - EFF2
"Hindustan" motors are available from frame sizes 56 to 315 in 2, 4, 6 & 8 pole designs. The motors are suitable for continuous (S1) duty with ambient temperature of 450C & Site altitudes of upto 1000 meters above mean sea level.
Motors are designed for 3 phase, 415 + 10 % & 50 Hz + 5 % with combined variation of 10 % Any other voltage & / or frequency is available on request.
Motors conforms to IS:325, IEC 34, Part 1 & BS 4999 for electrical specifications & IS:1231 for mechanical dimensions.
High Efficiency Motors
Electric Motors

AC Electric Motors

The IEC - normalized BN motors comply with all the applicable international standards, including the EMC and LV Directives. They are available in the 0.06 - 30 kW range in the foot and the flange mounting version, the latter in both the IM B5 and the IM B14 configuration. Single and dual pole versions available with generally, three brake options offered, one DC and two AC supply, lending further flexibility to the system. Finally, all motors are inverter duty.

Electric Motors
Inline Helical Gear Motors
The AS series includes helical in-line reducers and geared motors. Their features. like low noise lewel, are well known along with reliability, achieved by genrous oversizing of housing and internal components. The sizes 16 & 20 are now supplied with die-cast aluminium housing, which allows reduction in weight while keeping unchanged thestrength by means of the accurate redesign of the housing. In addition to the existing flange and foot mounted versions,available all gthroughout the AS / MAS series, frame size- 25, 30 & 35 are also available in the following designs.

• R- with reduced flange.
• PR-foot mounted with reinforced bearings. they have both been designed with the aim
  of allowing higher overhung and thrust loads on low speed shafts.
• Reinforced bearings are used for this purpose.
Inline Helical Gear Motors
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