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Range of Product : Jensil-K, Jencash, Jenpoxy, Jenfura FN, Special Mastic, Jensul etc ...More,

Foundry Chemical Exothermic, Sleeves, Foundry Fluxes, Ferro Alloys, Minerals & Metals ...More,

Manufacturer Of Acid Proof Bricks, Acid Proof Tiles, Acid Proof Material, Acid Proof Cement ...More

Specialist in Industrial Heaters, Furnaces Oven etc. Refractories High Alumina Bricks, Insulation Bricks, Castable Mortars, Ceramic Fibre Blanket, Sillimanite Tube, Ignition Rod & Insulation Material etc. ...More

Almix, Rice Husk Ash, Rice Husk, Heat Insulation Compound, Ladle Insulation Compound, Tundish Insulation Compound, Radex, Slag Conditioner ...More

Building Material,Indenting Agents,Food Products,Minerals & Refractories ...More

B.P.Set, Fire Bricks, Mortar / Castables, Special Shape Refractories, High Alumina Bricks ...More

Mfg. Of All Acid Proof Material, Epoxy Screeding, FRP, FRV, Self Leveling, Brick Lining ...More

Surgical And Medical Supply, Non-Ferrous Minerals and Refractory, Paper And Paper Products ...More

Mfg. Of Basic Refractories, High Alumina Castables, M.S. Ceramic Coated lancing Pipes, Various Foundry Chemicals & Sands . ...More

Air Setting Ready Mixed Mortar, Coatings For Fiber Blankets, Boards And other High Temp. Application, Ceramic Fiber Hardeners ...More

We Are Manufacturing All Types Of Best Quality Of Refractories ...More

Mfg All Type Of Refractories And B.P.Set We Also Mfg Of Allied Product ...More

Aluminum Casting Foundry, Foundry, Aluminum Foundry. ...More

Refractory, Fire Bricks, Mortars, Castables Etc ...More

Bearing, V Belt, M.S & S.S Bolt Nut, S.S. Wire Mesh, Machine Tools, Refractory Items. ...More

Mfg. Of Cups, Saucers & Footed Bowls, Fire Bricks, Fire Clay. ...More