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Full Ranges Of Disperse Dyes, Red , Blue Orange. ...More

Vat Dyes Acracons/Micro Disperse.Vat Dyes Matching Shade Specialist. Products: Vat Khakhi 2G PDR/Micro Disperse,VAT Green 2G PDR/Micro Disperse.Vat Turqoise Blue PDR,Vat Peacock Blue G PDR,Vat Brown R Acra/Micro Disperse...More

Manufacturer of Reactive all Turquoise Blue & Diffrent Plant for other Reactive Dyes, Blue Dyes. ...More

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Phthalocyanine Blue 15.0,15.3 & 15.4, Chrome Pigments , Azo Pigments Violet 27 & Prussion Blue ...More

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